The MCCR – Advance Care Planning For North Essex

Over the last 50 years our life expectancy has increased significantly.  Now, on average, we can expect to live to our early eighties.  This is something to celebrate, but it also brings challenges.

Many people in their later years live with ongoing ill health, with one or more long term conditions. As we live longer, conditions such as dementia become more common.  Healthcare can become more complicated and the future can feel uncertain.

If you are living with a life limiting illness, or caring for someone who is, then conversations about preferences for future care can support you or your loved one to receive the right care, in line with your wishes.

What Is The My Care Choices Register?

The My Care Choices Register is a secure database for health and social care professionals on which you can record what your priorities are if you were to become unwell in the future.  You can record whom you would wish to be contacted, where you would prefer to receive care if this is possible, and what your views are about the type of care you would like, or prefer not, to receive.  You can create a record by speaking to your GP.

This information can be seen by your GP, an out of hours GP or community nurse, the hospital and the ambulance service.  This helps these teams to know what is important to you in a time of crisis.

This process of recording your future wishes is called advance care planning.  People who have advance care plans are more likely to be cared for in a place of their preference, receive care in line with their wishes and priorities, and their loved ones are more likely to feel that they receive coordinated care in a crisis.

We know that most people would prefer not to spend the last days of their life in hospital, but nationally almost half of us do so people who record their preferences on My Care Choices are much more likely to be cared for at home. Thinking ahead and having conversations about what is important to you can transform your experience at the end of life.

Download The My Care Choices Record Today

If you think you would like to discuss and record your preferences for future care please speak to your GP about the My Care Choices Register.

To help initiate the conversation we have produced a booklet – My Care Choices Record – which can be downloaded and completed in your own time.

Download My Care Choices Record

…the information shown in the MCCR can provide invaluable information to guide the ambulance crew on what to do next