Project Description

Libby Davis is part of her local medical centre’s PPG (Patient Participation Group).  As a retired registered nurse with 16 years’ experience working in specialist palliative care, Libby was keen to see how her medical centre was promoting the awareness of advance care planning.

“I am passionate that people have the opportunity to advise others of their wishes towards end of life care; it’s a subject that many families and individuals find hard to talk about.  Having been part of the St Helena team, I was aware of the My Care Choices Register but I realised not everyone else was.

“Along with two colleagues we are now working on an awareness campaign in our area.  Working to empower people to take control of their wishes and planning for the future, and ensuring that family, friends, carers and professionals understand the importance of advance care planning.  Having a plan helps avoid crisis care and can prevent unnecessary trips to A&E and hospital admissions.

The My Care Choices booklet is an ideal tool to facilitate open communication.  Promoting this in our community is essential and we intend to drive forward awareness of this excellent tool at our medical centre and beyond.”